Mexica Visions art exhibition

Curated by Amy George Cortez + Chamuco Cortez

Opening reception: Jan 19th 2019 7p-11p
Exhibition dates: Jan 19th - Feb 28th, 2019

Tacos El Precioso

Rob Benavides @gorillaboxer
Chimu @el_chimu
Luis contreras @quetzalcoatl_tattoo_ca   
Paco Excel @pacoexcel    
Erica Friend @insomniart
Xochitl nevel guerrero   
Jesse hernandez @urbanaaztec
Ixcuican @ixcuninan
Antonio Mejia @smg_antonio_gtc
Peps357 @357_peps
Cecelia Perez @asspie  
Qetza @qetzaart
Mike rios @mykerios   
Francisco Amend Sanchez @amendtdk
Style @style1985bsk

Eztli Nenemilia Blood Memory
Prayer + traje design:  Chamuco Cortez  
Director: Vincent Cortez Mitchell Street Pictures
Dancers: Adrian Fuentes @largedancingsoul + Josue Gonzalez
Sahumadora: Catalina Bautista Palacios @la_ruca_arts
Beats: Peps357 @357_peps
Title lettering: Francisco Amend Sanchez @amendtdk

Mexica Visions
As we walk into the future
We feel our ancestors behind us
Walking with us.
How do we proceed?!
Fearlessly adelante!

We know what to do.
The memory is in our blood.
Born connected to our Mexica birth sign.
We are the calendar.

When we work together. We are ollin.
We are the movement.
What we do is sacred.
Is love.
Is healing.
Is our prayer to our ancestors
and to our future.

We look back at our ancestors and we tell them,
it’s ok, we are from the future.  

Amor Eterno Arte
1227 18th Ave
Oakland Califas

Amor Eterno Arte


Amor  Eterno Arte is an art gallery + tattoo studio in East Oakland  California. Our gallery curates art shows every two months + features  artists from East Oakland, the Bay Area + all underrepresented  communities. 

Between  art shows, we host community + cultural celebrations, youth workshops  and printmaking as resistance. We offer our space for free or low cost  for local grassroots organizations to fund raise + spread the word.

Amor  Eterno Arte was started by local artists, Amy George Cortez + Chamuco Cortez.

Eztli Nenemilia Blood Memory Video prayer

Eztli Nenemilia Blood Memory

Video Prayer for Mexica Visions by

Salvador Chamuco Cortez  + Vincent Cortez 

Lettering by Francisco Amend Sanchez 

Beats by Peps357

In order of appearance:

Chamuco Cortez, Amy George Cortez, Catalina Bautista Palacios, Maria de la Luz Cortez, Salvador Cortez Sr., Roberto Guerrero, Xochitl Nevel Guerrero, Luis Marroquin, Max + Ruben Leal, Sakr, Irene Takahashi-Coker, Francis Mead, Chris Bueno, Ruben Bueno 

Adrian Fuentes, Josue Gonzalez  

Special thanks to Casimiro Llamas 

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Amor Eterno Arte

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