Mercado Del Amor Summer Artist Market

Mercado Del Amor
Summer Artist Market
Sat July 21st 2pm-730pm
25 local artists and makers!
Play Loteria for prizes!

Tacos by Chotovelli fundraising for his Oakland soccer team going to the Gay Games 2018!

Play Loteria for prizes!
We  are asking folks to bring in teacher donations to play Loteria. There  are a ton of supply drives for the students but seeing how Oakland has  treated its teachers, they need some love too! Get creative! Not only do  teachers need classroom supplies (pens, hand tissues, pencils, glue  sticks, books, erasers, dry erase markers, const paper, copy paper, hand  sanitizer ...) but we also need stuff for our teachers mental health  (candles, coffee, candy, wine, beer, essential oils, gas cards or any  gift cards!)

Meet us in Solano Alley! We will have the artists  and tacos in Solano Alley and calling Loteria in the gallery at Amor  Eterno Arte!

Sirena by Oscar Cisneros of Tu Tienda Azteca 

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List of artists + makers

Updated list of artists and makers! 

More to come!
Ana Maria Gallegos
Amor Eterno Arte
BestOne Productions

Calli Jaguar
The Designing Chica
Dignidad Rebelde
Hella Crafty
Hood Certified
Hijas De Maiz
Illustrated Truths
La Ruca Arts
LayD HeArt
Samuel Martinez
Siempre Viva
SugarHigh Art
Tu Tienda Azteca
XioLove Creations
Xochitl Nevel Guerrero 

The Culture of Star Wars

art exhibition curated by Amy George Cortez and Chamuco Cortez 

Star Wars has developed into a powerful element of our cultural identity. Constantly weighing the light and the dark, republic vs the empire, it mimics our struggles and our politics. In every culture, the Hero of 1,000 faces appears in its oral history. A hero goes on a life changing adventure to oppose strange forces. In this unusual world, the hero faces their opposition and is victorious! Returning home, they share the power and the knowledge they have gained from this fantastic adventure with their community.

Growing up in Oakland, you know what it’s like to grow up in Tattooine. Obi Wan Kenobi said Mos Eisley was a "Retched hive of scum and villainy" much like the media portrays the Oakland we grew up in. What are the parallels you find in your own life in Star Wars? 

We asked 22 artists to explore their own culture of Star Wars and how the films have influenced their creativity. 

Closing reception Sat June 30th 6pm-10pm


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Amor Eterno Arte is an art gallery + tattoo studio in East Oakland California. Our gallery curates art shows every two months + features artists from East Oakland, the Bay Area + all underrepresented communities. 

Between art shows, we host community + cultural celebrations, youth workshops and printmaking as resistance. We offer our space for free or low cost for local grassroots organizations to fund raise + spread the word. Amor Eterno Arte was started by local artists, Amy George Cortez and Chamuco Cortez.

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